What is Euro aim?

This programme is designed for individuals who feel a burden to reach beyond the familiar and assist the work of God in their own nation, or further abroad. As Moses’s hands were lifted by Aaron and Hur to see great victory, our purpose is to lift up leaders and assemblies by facilitating your burden to meet needs across the Euro Region.



Manual labor


Children's ministry


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I knew that I was here to serve because there is a need in England, I didn’t want to just disappear into everything, I want to get involved and make a difference where ever I go!   I know that God gave me the opportunity to serve in the  United Kingdom.      

Being in many different areas has helped me to discover new contacts and ways God is working…  I love knowing that I can change the atmosphere and make a difference in a different place from a postion of obedience.

Irène from Belgium

Euro AIM Onsite, United Kingdom

Una delle cose più importanti che ho imparato sul campo in questi ultimi cinque mesi è che più amiamo Dio, più possiamo amare gli altri. Solo così saremo in grado di toccare e raggiungere anche coloro che hanno bisogno di Lui nella loro vita.
Ringrazio Dio per questa meravigliosa esperienza e sono grata a EURO AIM per avermi dato questa opportunità di lavorare al fianco del Pastore Sayers e di sua moglie nella chiesa di Monaco di Baviera. Sono stati per me un grande esempio di come vivere una vita di fede e preghiera e mi hanno inspirata ad essere audace nel condividere il Vangelo.
Mary Faith from Italy

Euro AIM Onsite, Germany

Euro AIM has given me the opportunity to look beyond just revival in my home country and take part of the larger revival that is taking place in Europe.  I had the honor of aiding the works in Finland digitally by helping them create their websites as a form of Evangelism.

This Virtual AIM has taught me a lot of things, but primarily that we can make a change with whatever gifting, talent or expertise we have to offer.  I would motivate every person that feels a burden for the revival in Europe to offer their gifting in EUROAIM, in whatever form that comes 😉

Rotimi from The Netherlands

Virtual AIM, Finland

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