1. Purpose of Euro AIM

      1. Euro AIM seeks to connect people with an earnest burden to places with a need.  Whether physically, on-site or virtually via the means of the Internet.  All churches are welcome to participate in the Euro AIM Programme as far as endorsed by their respective national leadership.
      2. Euro AIM Programme falls under the Regional Missions Commission and functions as an intermediary between applicants and AIM hosts.  The Host presents their needs to Euro AIM, which are then made public and presented as a Euro AIM Opportunity via social media networks.  Euro AIM endeavors to keep personal details private, with solely essential information shared between participating parties.
    2. Scope of Euro AIM Policy

    2.1 This document aims to highlight the system of guidelines and procedures to achieve the below mentioned outcomes, thus is always subject to change.

    1. Roles & Descriptions
      1.  Euro AIM Leadership Team
        1.  Shall be responsible for the running of the Euro AIM Programme, provide direction and assistance to the following; Euro AIM Hosts, Representatives and Euro AIMers and is comprised of:
      2. Director – oversees all aspects of the operation of the Programme under the supervision of regional leadership.
      3. Secretary – responsible for the administrative functions of the the programme.
      4. Liaison to Level 1 – advises the Executive team and provides the connection to the Global Missions Europe Region Level 1.
      5. Euro AIM Coordinators – supervises the Euro AIM operation in specific geographic areas within the Euro Region and aligns this in cooperation with respective Euro Region Area Coordinator.

    3.2 Euro AIM Coordinator:

    a.  Is directly responsible to the Leadership Team, and shall act as an administrator, liaising with their Area Coordinator, Missionaries and National Leadership within said area (e.g. Western Europe).

    b.  They shall provide support and guidance to the respective Euro AIM District Teams and communicate with other Euro AIM Coordinators regarding cross-area endeavours and appointments.

    3.3  Euro AIM District Team:

    a.  Is comprised of National or District Leaders (i.e: GB&I, GSN and etc.)

    b.  Acts in coordination with existing District or National AIM programmes (AIM UKI, GSN AIM and etc.)

    c.  Shall be responsible for the promotion and administration of Euro AIM for District Events.

    d.  Shall collaborate with the Hosts on the necessary administrative, financial and promotional processes to ensure smooth implementation and execution of each assignment.

    e.  Will liaise with the Euro AIM Coordinators to facilitate a smooth implementation of assignments across the region.

    3.4  Euro AIM Representative:

    a.  Is directly responsible to the Euro AIM Coordinator

    b.  Promotes the Euro AIM Programme in his or her nation. 

    c.  Contacts Pastors and Missionaries to gather any Euro AIM Host requests and Euro AIM Applications. 

    3.5  Euro AIM Applicant:

    a.  Has submitted an application to the Euro AIM Programme and awaits reply and approval.

    3.6 Euro AIMer:

    a.   Upon approval by the applicant’s Pastor (or relevant approving body) and after payment of the application fee, the Applicant becomes a Euro AIMer, and is responsible to coordinate with the Euro AIM Team as well as with their Pastor.

    b.  The applicant shall serve Host Pastors either virtually or onsite.

    c.  Vetted Euro AIMers can apply to serve on additional opportunities only with the further approval of their Pastor or (relevant approving body.)

    4. Procedure

    4.1 Host:  

    a.  The Host requests Euro AIM support from Euro AIM by submitting a request form on the website.

    b.  Upon verification, the Host’s request is posted to the Euro AIM opportunities page.

    4.2 Applicant:  

    a.  Applicants fill out an online form and a Euro AIM Profile is created.

                         b.  Applications must be approved by their Pastor or relevant                             approving body.

    c.  Euro AIM notifies the respective National boards for their recommendation.

    4.3 Euro AIM Leadership Team:  

    d. The Euro AIM Leadership Team proposes the Applicant to the Host Pastor for approval.

    d.  Euro AIM verifies the application and proposes a match based on the Opportunities for approval. 

    b.  Euro AIM notifies the respective National boards for their recommendation.

    c.  Applications must be approved by their Pastor or relevant approving body.

    d.  Euro AIM verifies the application and proposes a match based on the Opportunities for approval.

    e.  The Applicant is informed of the approval status.

    Once the assignment has been completed, the Host as well as the Euro AIMer are encouraged to submit a report which may be used for promotional purposes.


    5. Requirements for Applicants

     5.1  The Euro AIM Programme seeks to provide mission & ministry opportunities only, ulterior motives for participation are not in the interest of this programme.

     5.2  Applicants should be at least 18 years of age in order to participate in in-person Euro AIM Opportunities in countries other than their own.  In the case of underaged applicants special exemptions can be considered where the Hosting party officially assumes full responsibility .

    5.3  Prospective Applicants should have obeyed the plan of salvation according to Acts 2:38, be an example of servanthood & holiness, preferably already involved in the work of the home church or hold some experience for the role of interest and must have their Pastors approval before applying.

    5.4  Applicants should have a fundraising plan that is approved by their Pastor, and the full budget before embarking on the assignment, unless otherwise arranged (a budget assessment sheet is provided.)

     5.5  Furthermore, the applicant must be in possession of valid travel documents for the entire duration of the appointment. A minimum of 6 months validity before expiration on travel documents is advisable.

     5.6  Every applicant, whether virtual or onsite, must understand the importance of submitting to the Host leadership, must be willing to work in harmony, maintain confidentiality and must be dependable in accomplishing all assigned duties on time.

    6.      Requirements for Hosts

    6.1  The Hosts should first submit an online request form giving a precise description of the assistance needed and an approximate time period in order for the Euro AIM Team to select the best possible profile.

    6.2  The Hosts (or Euro AIM Representatives) should develop a draft budget for the duration of assignment, including any miscellaneous expenses (budget assessment sheet provided.)

    6.3  The Host is responsible for providing the necessary resources for the Euro AIMers to successfully accomplish their given tasks.  Hosts shall also plan to meet with their Euro AIMers periodically to ensure that all expectations are clearly defined, goals are being met and feedback is provided.

    6.4  Although the Euro AIMer is there to serve, proper boundaries should be observed from the start with regards to work life balance.  Should a dispute arise, the relevant Euro AIM Coordinator will mediate to ensure a mutually beneficial resolution.

    6.5  Whilst the Host Pastor may not be the primary pastoral voice for the Euro AIMer, at times it will be advisable to support the Euro AIMer with spiritual guidance.